Lull (Szélcsend)

(2010, feature, 35mm, color, 93 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySRD)

This film is the story of three women who set sail from a yacht club at Lake Balaton for a last autumnal sail, making use of the good weather. Two of them are siblings, and the third one is the friend of the younger sister. Their journey starts idyllically, and in the middle of the lake they decide to enjoy the calmness of the autumnal Balaton. While sunbathing they break open a bottle of champagne and amid all the laughter they start playing an associative game, but for Anikó, the elder sister it gets increasingly difficult to moderate her mocking and bitter nature. As the game progresses and becomes ever more malicious, the curtain is sometimes pulled aside and for brief numbing moments the real relationships between the women, and their problems, are revealed. Slowly the murky relationship of the three girls and their past made up of lies and silence is displayed, and it becomes obvious that a tragedy is inevitable. On this beautiful day all of their lives leave their routine course, and change irrevocably.

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