Mathias, Mathias (Mátyás, Mátyás)

(2010, documentary, video, color, 13 minutes)
co-produced with:Romania

„King Mathias died in Vienna around the end of October in 1490. He was poisoned. One evening he ate some figs and by the morning he was no more. He was already very ill during the night, and in the morning… he was dead.”
A 13-minute animation documentary about the residents of Kolozsvár: how much do they know about the famous sovereign, King Mathias, who was born in their city?
„And the only other thing I can say about him is that the statue of King Mathias is sitting on a horse.
That’s it. What else is there to say?”

2010 - Calarasi Festivalul Naţional de Film 7ARTE: Main Prize


Bucharest Anim'est - 2010

Best Romanian Film

Miercure Ciuc Film.dok - 2010

Prize of the Hungarian Television

Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2011

Prize of Tirgu-Mures

National premiere: