Milky Way - ambient movie (Tejút - ambient movie)

(2007, feature, 35mm, color, 82 minutes, cinemascope, DTS)
co-produced with:Germany

Benedek Fliegauf has succeeded in making a film that, much like ambient music, allows the viewer to receive his work on various levels and does not force any concrete interpretation. Reception of a film in this manner creates a kind of metaphysical experience, which fits directly into Fliegauf’s hypnotic-transcendent world, familiar from his earlier films, Forest and Dealer. In addition to being the first example of an ambient film, it may also be considered a work of fine art, which can be presented independently in the galleries of the world.

“I think this film quiets the mind. Milky Way is a peculiar nature film, where we see humans instead of giraffes and penguins.”
Benedek Fliegauf


Moscow 2morrow - 2007

Special Prize of the Bloggers' Jury

Locarno International Film Festival - Filmmakers of the Present - 2007

Golden Leopard

Barcelona l’Alternativa - 2007

Feature Film Prize

Mexico City FICCO - 2008

Special Mention

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2008

Special Prize of the Jury

Best Cinematography Gergely Pohárnok

Best Sound Tamás Beke

National premiere: