Miracle Film (Csudafilm)

(2005, feature, 35mm, color, 90 minutes)
First feature

Once upon a time there lived a man called Nikos in one of the homey corners of the underground at Baross square, Budapest. He is found here by Greek probate solicitors and with them by a "miracle".
On his deathbed Nikos - uncle, whom he had almost completely forgotten, had named Nikos as the sole heir of a luxury hotel complex sprawling over half the island.
Nikos is sought out and put on an airplane bound for Crete. At first Nikos doesn't really comprehend the whole thing; and then when he does but can't believe it. Is it a dream or is it reality? If the hotel is really his, why is he sleeping at the foot of some evergreens, clinging to the rags he had worn as a homeless man? Why is he eating all the leftovers off plates? And why is this strange hotelier still scavenging? If worse comes to worst I will wake up from this, he thinks. What kind of trouble comes along with the inheritance?
A Greek interpreter speaking Hungarian with a funny accent, a militant woman director whose feeling heart is clad in heavy armour. And then to add to all this there are the boisterous and cheerful homeless pals from Budapest to ruin what - left of the long-standing good reputation of the hotel. The money hungry aunt and Nikos - ex-wife also turn up, accompanied by a crowd of relatives all after the inheritance from far and wide.
Nikos is tending to business, wearing a snow-white suit with an altogether spotless appearance. He backs out of the fight for the inheritance very elegantly, since the real "miracle" is not the inheritance but that he is able to love again, and laugh again with someone, and as tales have it: "hey lived happily ever after until".

National premiere: