Montecarlo! (Montecarlo!)

(2004, feature, 35mm, color, 80 minutes)
First feature

Total chaos, a school on the outskirts of town. Teachers. Three. A romantic maths teacher, a realist French teacher and an idealist headmaster. When all hope is shattered and it turns out that it� all over for the whole language lab; on top of all this, Makkosi, a pedagogue who accepts this disillusioning situation, and Annamari, a pretty French teacher. Both end up a bit tipsy in the Casino in Szentendre, where they are surprised to find out that, strangely, Makkosi can predict all the winning roulette numbers.Makkosi cannot let matters rest, and when he sees his love slipping out of his grip, he stakes everything on one card: he will save his life, his love and the school. After some serious persuasion the headmaster grants him permission to pursue his mad scheme, i.e. going to Monte Carlo to multiply the little money the school has. Events pick up after this point: first the teachers rob their own school and then they set off on the big journey in a dilapidated microbus they �orrowed� As the headmaster puts it: �e will either get the school back or we will all be lost to a man!�

National premiere: