My 20th Century (Az én XX. századom)

(1988, feature, 35mm, black & white , 98 minutes)

At New Year's Eve of 1899 Dóra and Lili, the twins separated from each other in their infancy and taking different roads ever since arrive in Hungary together with the twentieth century. Dora is an easy-going swindler, Lili is an anachist. They get off the train at the same time but keep on separated. Mr. Z. is a strange aristocrat, obsessed with the new technologies and inventions of the new century. He learns to know the two girls separately and they mingle in his representing the Perfect Woman for him. In the mirrored maze he finds out that the one is actually two and thus they are not too important to him any more. Mr. Z. is left alone. Time passes backwards, Edison sends his telegram: the world is wonderful. The camera runs on the water of a lagoon into infinity. 

National premiere: