Noah's Ark (Noé bárkája)

(2007, feature, 35mm, color, 104 minutes)

A block of flats in Budapest – Noah’s Ark.
An old man, Ede Stock (Dezső Garas) raising his grandchild all by himself. A friendship – of many decades – with Aurél Tálas (Ferenc Kállai) who hasn’t stepped out of the house for 15 years. And a TV show where the country’s best grandpa can win 5 million forints. Stock signs up, and the tenants of the house who have hated each other, prepare the old man for the show. Unnoticed, human relations develop. Unnoticed – for the sake of the mutual goal – hatred ceases, and the house becomes a community.

And Stock wins the 5 million.

And Stock’s wish of many decades comes true. He rides away on a Harley Davidson into infinity, with his eternal friend, Aurél Tálas.

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