Nosedive (Zuhanórepülés)

(2007, feature, 35mm, color, 105 minutes, DolbyDigital)
First feature

This story is a fairytale set in one of the far from romantic corners of Budapest at the turn of the millennium. It is an urban legend about a young outlaw, a beautiful woman, lots of money, and the worst adventure in life.
Drugs, mafia, friends, love, betrayal, revenge and death. The protagonist is released from prison after doing time for drug dealing. At the prison gate he swears to himself to get on the right track. However, his friends lead him astray again, and he is given even bigger jobs to handle than his earlier transactions. The young go-getter attracts the attention of the Russian mob as well, and he is given an offer he cannot refuse: taking care of a huge transaction for them. The orphan has only his uncle to count on, and even he is unable to stop him from getting back on the wrong track. The big transaction gets thornier when the mob boss’ carefully guarded sister appears on the scene.
Can love overcome the mob’s laws? Can love drive one out of sin? The film, which was based on the screenwriter’s personal experiences, portrays its subject very realistically.


Paris ÉCU - 2009

(in competition)

Palic International Film Festival - 2008