One Skirt and a Pair of Trousers (Egy szoknya, egy nadrág)

(2005, feature, 35mm, color, 96 minutes)

An actor dresses as a woman to teach a lesson to a conceited rival of his.
Péter Sóvári is the greatest actor in Hungary. People idolise him, television channels court him, and women all want him; except one, the beautiful actress Ibolya Pintér.
Lajos Borsai directs soaps. He has huge debts, and even greater aspirations. He is waiting for an ultra-rich Mexican female producer to arrive, with whom he wants to work on his next series.
When Borsai wins Ibolya’s favours first, Sóvári, the actor swears to take noble revenge and disguises himself as Dulcinea de la

National premiere: