Our Cells (Sejtjeink)

(2002, documentary, 35mm, color, 91 minutes)

They say there are two things for which people are prepared to do anything: not to have or to have children.
Our heroes' greatest desire was to have a baby. The hop was in vain, long years passed before it became clear that only in vitro fertilization, a test-tube baby programme, could help them. The period after that is not an easy one. Euphoria or hopelessness elevates or depresses them; they have to be able to stand physical and mental strain and the constant test of their love. But before them all is the great common goal: the baby. In Hungary every tenth marriage or cohabitation is infertile. For two and half years the film follows the fate of three couples in their struggle for a child.
Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby, was born in 1978.
Since then one million newborn babies have come into the world by means of in vitro fertilization.


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2002

Main Prize


Biarritz FIPA - 2002

(in competition)

Kings Mountain Real to Reel - 2003

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2002

(in competition)

Selb Grenzland-Filmtage Festival - 2003

National premiere: