Out/In Tawaret (Ki/Be Tawaret)

(2010, feature, video, color, 91 minutes, DolbyDigital)

A declaration of love from Terézváros, Budapest.
Hidden desires, passions, crime, investigation - just a little bit differently. A love triangle, or even a triangle with more than three sides. Men and women. Ok, two men, several women and even more men. At first glance most of them seem to be not quite normal.
A tired middle-age man, living a double life who during the day is a gynaecologist at a curative spa bath and a jazz musician at night, and a girl, who just starts to live - how could their path cross? Our protagonists are not brave, and sometimes they are even cowards, so at such times they feel ashamed, but they are fine with that.
Birth, death, rebirth. Light music and sad music, but lots of it. And what does Tawaret stand for?
Everything will be revealed in the film.


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2010

Best Actress Éva Kerekes

National premiere: