Overborder (Határontúl)

(2003, short, 35mm, color, 22 minutes, 1:1,85, Optical)

These are three short stories dealing with the problem of refugees.

The first story is about a man on the run, who is an emblematic figure preoccupied with his frailness and fallibility, and about the violence of man’s death disappearing in Nature’s beauty, which dissolves everything into itself.
The second story elaborates the axiom according to which a wretched man will always find someone more wretched than himself. There is a certain group even among the deprived, which mercilessly terrorises the others. These people exploit and humiliate the others in order to protect themselves from spiritual decay. The scene here is a kind of cynical family history in itself.
The third and final part offers the parody of the charity movements of welfare societies.

These stories do not intend to formulate provocative questions or wise answers. They are rather cold, that is to say cynical mementos of an age and of the cruelty and fallible nature of modern man. No dialogues


Angers Premiers Plans - 2005

Grand Prix


Zabok Tabor  Film Festival - 2005

(in competition)

Venice International Film Festival - 2004

Corto Cortissimo

(in competition)

Trevignano la Cittadella del Corto - 2005

Gyergyószentmiklós MOOOVie - 2005

Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2005

Tarragone INCURT - 2005

(in competition)

La Ciotat "Best of Short Films" Festival - 2005

(in competition)

Uppsala International Short Film Festival - 2004

(in competition)

Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2004

(in competition)

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