Pappa pia (Pappa pia)

(2017, feature, color)
musical, comedy, romantic comedy, romance, feature

Papi is the world’s dodgiest pensioner, who only has a winning smile to offer by way of payment. With nowhere to live, he sets up home in a boathouse on the banks of the Danube. No sooner is he settled than Wizy, his neighbour and owner of a flashy discotheque, sets his sights on Papi’s home that he wants to turn into a stunning nightspot. Far from being phased, but with little idea of what to do, the old fella seeks assistance from his grandson Tomi. The kid is little less dodgy than his grandpa but with bags more charm, and keen to call on his mates to lend a hand. This gang of hapless hopefuls take on the might of Wizy and his thugs and attempt the impossible: they temporarily transform the boathouse into a ruin pub to collect the cash they need to survive. Their hopes are large but their chances are little – but in a romantic comedy such as this, where everyone is a musician and/or in love, then anything at all can happen. And at least that gives us the chance to hear a whole stack of oldies but goodies…

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