Paths of Light (A fény ösvényei)

(2005, feature, 35mm, color, 89 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySRD)
First feature

What happens if you lose all you have? How can you continue living if the only thing missing is what was the most important thing of all?
This film has two stories running simultaneously: one is about a successful model, while the other one is about a goldsmith. Paths of Light shows their descent to hell. Their stories develop in similar ways and interact with each other in a special way. It takes a long time for both protagonists to accept their fate.
Once they have found find peace the two storylines converge: the goldsmith, who has lost his sight, and the model, who has lost her beauty, meet at the end of the film.


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005

Best First Film

Best Actor György Cserhalmi

Best Supporting Actor Sándor Csányi

Best Producer Péter Miskolczi

Best Sound Gábor Balázs

Best Editor Péter Politzer

Student Jury Award