Satan's Bastard (A sátán fattya)

(2018, feature, color, 102 minutes)

Based on the multiple award-winning book by Zoltán Mihály Nagy, „Satan’s Bastard” depicts the tragedy of the diaspora Hungarians living in the Sub-Carpathians (now part of Ukraine). In 1944, the Soviet army invades the region and takes the men from the local villages to forced labour camps. 18-year-old Eszter Tóth, while visiting his father in a camp, gets brutally raped by Russian soldiers. The girl brings life to a baby boy – „the Satan’s bastard”, whose mere existence makes Eszter and her family being ostracized by their village.


Eszter Tóth
Mihály Tóth
Ágnes Tóth
Pista Székely
Jóska Tóth

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World premiere: