Satantango (Sátántangó)

(1994, feature, 35mm, black & white , 435 minutes, 1:1,66, DolbySR)

The characters of the story live in an abandoned agricultural machinery plant disclosed from any production. They have lost all their values that could help them determine their reason of existence � everything has dissolved in time, in the periodical change of seasons � slowly they themselves become part of this decadence. There is only one desire that can break trough this feeling of annihilating abandonment: the desire to run away, getting stronger and stronger. Each one of them tries to create their petty plan to escape, naturally at the expense of the others, nurturing the illusion that robbing or betraying another will be the solution to their future. A sign of their fatal lack of self-confidence is that they are unsure even about these lowly plans, and they are incapable of fulfilling them. What they are all really waiting for is a Messiah who would lead them out of their miserable everyday life and save them from this pouring rain sea of mud that engulfs everything, someone who would absolve them from their sins.


Berlin International Film Festival - Forum of New Cinema - 1994

Caligari Prize

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 1994

Special Prize

Brussels L’Age d’Or - 1994

Age d'Or Prize

National premiere: