Sleepwakers (Ébrenjárók)

(2002, feature, 35mm, color, 102 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)
First feature

Three people. One city.

A long night. During one night in Budapest, we follow the story of three people in the big city during their time of strife. Within a couple of hours, fate will change their lives forever. Sándor, the bookkeeper who has just been fired, wants only a little calm. He decides to leave everything behind and take his self-made camper and set out for a new life on the Adriatic. The city has other plans for him, however, and won’t let him escape.
Soon after he heads out, he is stopped and gets entangled in the crazy life of the night. Anna is a cigarette-advertising girl but she hates this job and wants to quit. Unfortunately, lots of people won’t let her: her boyfriend, who needs to get a bunch of money together in a few hours, her hysterical boss, and her countryside brother who wants to take her, with force if need be, back home to her home in the countryside. She can’t see anyway out of the jam the three men seem to have her in. Bandi, the electrician, just wants power. Electrical, that is. After suffering a big shock at work, literally, he begins to behave stranger and becomes more and more agitated. He can’t seem to find his place at home or in any of his usual places. But when there is a power outage where he lives, he arrives at a decision which seems crazy: at any price he will try to solve the problem and turn the power back on. He, too, gets entangled in the night.
The three storylines start off independent of each other, but cross paths many times throughout the night until at the end of the film they all run together. Strange figures, unfathomable situations, and lyrical moments all come together in this mosaic story of three people who come together in the story. These are three heroes who could also be us.

Director of photography
Visual design
Production manager


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2002

Best First Film Screenplay: Bence Miklauzic and Balázs Maruszki,Best Actor: György Gazsó,People's choice via Internet

Houston Worldfest - 2003

Silver Remi Award

Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival - 2003


National premiere: