Slow Mirror (Lassú tükör)

(2007, feature, 35mm, color, 86 minutes)

Do you know what barman pours for spirits?
Do you know what drink the barman pours?
If your lover pours the drink, it's your destruction,
If the drink is fiery, inside it brings illumination.
Drink intoxication's drink, be consumed by love!
A drop happily seeks its death in the ocean's water.
All the world's a bar and things in it merely glasses,
Our friend raises his glass for us and we pay the bill,
Even wisdom is drunk, descending into stupor,
Earth and heaven are drunk, and all the angels too.

2008 - Győr, Mediawave: Best Experimental Feature


Milan Film Festival - 2008

Special Mention

Aprile Prize

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2007

Special Mention

National premiere: