S.O.S. Love! (S.O.S. Szerelem!)

(2008, feature, 35mm, color, 96 minutes)
romantic comedy

What can a man do if he’s uncapable of conquering his beloved? What can he do if he’s hopelessly in love? What if he has the money, but not the manners? What if this time money can’t buy love, and the usual dating chat is not enough? Tamás Sas' new movie tries to answer the eternal questions of romantic comedies.
Péter is the head of a high-tech matchmaking agency, S.O.S. LOVE!, which helps its wealthy clients solve their problematic love affairs. Their market share is rising, and their effectiveness is 100% – all until Tomi, a rich upstart, has a fit and leans on them to get busy.
Tomi is hopelessly in love with Veronika, a lovely kindergarten teacher, but even with the help of S.O.S. LOVE, he can’t conquer her. Peter’s hellish plan is to rent a castle out-of-town and populate it with company staff, bringing Tomi into a ’family’ circle. Finally, he wants to lure Veronika to the castle with a brilliant excuse.
The kindergarten teacher spends a weekend full of adventures and complications with Tomi and his ’family.’ Everything goes as planned, until Peter, the organizer of the whole circus, also falls in love with Veronika... Patrícia Kovács, Judit Hernádi, László Szacsvay, Miklós Benedek, Géza Tordy, Gábor Hevér and Géza Kaszás will also have important roles in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. And on Valentine’s Day it will be revealed if Tomi or Péter wins the beloved girl's hand...

Most Successful Hungarian Film in 2007 - Prize of the Association of Hungarian Cinema Exhibitors

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