St. Ivan's Day (Szent Iván napja)

(2003, feature, 35mm, color, 82 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)
First feature

Live your life as if every day was your last - say the Red Indians. Of course we do not live like this. St. Ivan is no exception to this rule. Rehearsals. Offers of roles. Photography sessions. Offers of roles. TV shoots. Record promotions. Offers of roles. Interviews. Rehearsals. Offers of roles. Barnstorms. Night shows. This is a typical day for him. Accompanied by his private life and private conver-sations. Crazy running around. It� almost impossible to follow. If it weren� for Judit, his manager, the machinery would grind to a halt, and it� even possible that without her it would never have got started in the first place. St. Ivan is an actor and a star. The owner of the Actor of the Year Award, and selected as the un-beatable champion for Man of the Year. He appears on the front covers of women� magazines, he is the hero of gossip columns, and the leading actor of the Budapest Theatre of the Arts. He feels equally at home on the catwalks of fashion shows and the colourful divans of breakfast TV shows as when he is in a Shakespearean drama. Female fans write letters to Him, while theatre critics write their praises of Him. The film is about a day in the life of St. Ivan. As if into a bottomless sack Ivan tries to cram everything in: acclaimed art, and lighter genres, well-paying silly advertisements, classic writers, success and money, popularity, friendship, adventure and love. But of course it can� all fit in. It� a forlorn hope to want to be everywhere all the time, to do good for others and ourselves, because the constant running around just means that we rush past others and ourselves. You can� have the cake and eat it. And if you do, that� all the worse. St. Ivan� day could be anybody� day. Because everybody wants everything. In an entertaining way and with a lot of humour this film shows that you cannot escape making the choice.

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