Stop Mom Theresa! (Állítsátok meg Terézanyut!)

(2004, feature, 35mm, color, 127 minutes)
First feature

Kata is bored with her devoted admirer, Marci, who puts up with her capricious nature without a word of complaint. Then Kata runs into her old flame Fonyó. Old passions reach boiling point and Kata's recklessness leads to her being found out. It comes as no surprise that her blunder leads to a break-up with her boyfriend(s) and she falls between two chairs. Those close to her begin to worry more and more about the now lonely Kata's fate. Kata's mother wishes that her restless daughter could have a family, while her friends constantly follow in her stumbling footsteps. In the meantime she relentlessly attends job interviews, and at the same time puts at least as much effort into finding the right man among her various suiters. David, an Israeli medical student presents the posssibility of a special experience, but their relationship has no future as the young man returns home. After this Kata gets to know Tamás, the manager of a company, after a chance encounter. Tamás - interest is aroused by the girl - personality and he offers her a job. Slowly the attraction that develops between them begins to strengthen. While travelling together on a country road everything seems to be coming right. But only seemingly. Finally Kata slowly regains her equilibrium and starts to find herself, so perhaps Mr. Right will also turn up one day.

Based on Zsuzsa Rácz's bestseller Stop Mom Theresa!


Mladá Boleslav "Festival of European Film Smiles" - 2005

Best Actress: Gabriella Hámori

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005

Best Supporting Actor: Sándor Csányi,Best Sound: Balázs Gábor

National premiere: