Tender Son - The Frankenstein Project (Szelíd teremtés - A Frankenstein-terv)

(2010, feature, 35mm, color, 101 minutes, cinemascope, DTS)
co-produced with:Germany, Austria

Long ago, a young man fathered a child without ever knowing what became of him. Now 17, his son Rudi returns home hoping to reunite with his family after years spent in an institution. Returning to his mother, he hopes to find acceptance, affection, and most importantly, who his father is, but finds that he is not welcome.  Almost by accident, Rudi slips into a casting session. The director of the film is transfixed by his innocence and thinks he has found his lead. But a terrible event soon compromises Rudi¹s good intentions. He becomes a hunted murderer, and the director realizes that Rudi, this peculiar and silent boy, is his son and his own monstrous creation. The director now has no other choice but to accompany his son on his inevitable, brutal path and their common search for redemption.

Inspired by Mary Shelley¹s classic gothic novel Frankenstein.


Munich Film Festival - 2010

Special Mention

Seville Film Festival - 2010

Special Jury Prize

Best Director of Photography Award Mátyás Erdély

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2011

Best Director Kornél Mundruczó

Best Cinematography Mátyás Erdély

Sarajevo Film Festival - 2010

Special Jury Award

Ostrava Kamera Oko - 2010

Special Mention Mátyás Erdély

National premiere: