Test Film (Kémhatás)

(2012, documentary, digital, color, 62 minutes)

Ever since the beginning of the 1970s, Iván Angelus has been a kind of apostle of modern dance in Hungary. He has gone on to become an artist who defines the genre and runs his own academy of modern dance in Budapest. It has been a “long and winding road” to survive up until now. Modern dance was discouraged under communism in favour of classical ballet, which was dominated by Soviet artists. Now the problem is lack of funding.
Test Film is about communication and about the effect that art has on its environment. This film observes and tests this effect. A collection of dancers dance around busy public spaces in Budapest and attempt make the kind of change that only art can achieve.

This film was produced by Katapult Film led by Iván Angelusz and Goliwood Films’ Iván Angelus (The names of the producers are only similar, they are not the same persons).
Test Film is an artwork to love! It’s not just a film! It’s dancing, it’s singing, it’s a site specific social action, it’s a film about last age videoing. It is an artwork of contradictions! It is an amusing musical, a love story with a happy ending, but at the same time it is a no-dialog experimental dance film. It is a dream of a child but also a rigorously edited video clip. There are wildly known actors, dancers, and singers in the film with students and street walkers, even the video-makers themselves appear in the film. The one hour flow is absolutely international but full with allusions to the Hungarian and Budapest culture where every frame is enrooted. Like the title that means Test Film but as a Hungarian pun it means also Spy-Story. Yes, the cameras are following the action as children lurk the adults.

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