The District (Nyócker!)

(2004, animation, 35mm, color, 92 minutes)

This film is the story of a great adventure. In the heart of the Budapest jungle, in the eighth district, a bunch of teenagers – gypsies, Hungarians, a Chinese and an Arab – form a league to make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible.
Of course, you always need money. But what do you need bags of money for? The parents of Richie, the Gypsy boy, and Julika, the Hungarian girl, hating each other come life come death, must be appeased so that the two young
people, who are in love, can finally find happiness granted by the comfort wealth would bring.
First everything goes like clockwork. The young people get around petty criminals (tough guys and girls) and corrupt policemen using what they have: brains, imagination and tricks. They manage to outwit everything and everyone that comes their way.
For them deprivation, whores, pimps, gravity, space and time are no object. The kids, who gradually find a common language with each other, have a congenial idea and fly back in time to the Precambrian era to make oil from mammoths.
A huge oil field forms under the eighth district and the kids become fabulously rich in a flash. Business is roaring. Rambo in a special DVD edition, five-star school buffet, golden Rolexes on all of them, the original painting, Picnic in May, by Szinyei-Merse used at an art class as a demonstration. Naturally the parents start smelling a rat, but what’s worse than this is that the whole world becomes suspicious. The huge amount of oil that appeared so suddenly upsets the apparatus and the great powers start an investigation.
The district gradually gets cornered. What will become of the dream? And what will become of love?
One thing is for sure: the district will remain the district forever, until the end of the world.full-length feature animation


Ottawa International Animation Festival - 2005

Best Feature Animation Award

Brussels ANIMA - 2006

Best Full-length Animation,Audience Award

Sitges International Film Festival - 2005

Best Animated Film

Seoul SICAF - 2005

Main Prize

Zagreb Animafest - 2005

Golden Zagreb

Kiev KROK International Animated Film Festival - 2005

Best Feature Animation Award

Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005

Prize for Visual Expression to Áron Gauder

Annecy International Animated Film Festival - 2005

Grand Prix

National premiere: