The Emigré - Everything is Different (Az emigráns - Minden másképp van)

(2007, feature, 35mm, color, 100 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbySR)
co-produced with:Italy

This feature is about Sándor Márai's and his wife�s last years of selfchosen exile. The memories of a lifetime companionship, the old writer�s thinking till his very last moments, and the nature of artistic creation are the mosaics from which the film is assembled. 
The "story" starts in Naples with the memories of Márai�s and Lola�s youth and eventually reaches the secluded world of loneliness in San Diego � from the Adriatic to the austere Ocean.
Escaping from dictatorships and writing only in his mother tongue, the writer not only dissociates himself from post-1947 Hungary physically, but he even refuses to have his works published there as long as the boots of a single Russian soldier trample on his homeland�s soil.
Ever more often he is invited to return to be rehabilitated, but the uncompromising, principled writer keeps his vow.
It is the tragedy of Márai�s fate that he commits suicide just half a year before the change of regime, all alone, having lost his wife and son.
Márai, who lived through the 20th century, has become a world famous writer, whose works have been translated into an increasing number of languages. The film commemorates a twentieth-century Hungarian writer�s universally relevant fate, deploying the cathartic effects of the audio, visual, and musical tools a film can offer.

Based on Diary 1984-89 of Sándor Márai.


Houston Worldfest - 2008

Special Prize of the Jury

National premiere: