The Face of the Revolution - In Search of a Budapest Girl (A forradalom arca - Egy pesti lány nyomában)

(2006, documentary, video, color, 71 minutes)

The November 10 issue of Paris Match in 1956 featured a report on the Hungarian revolution. The special coverage opened with a photograph taken on October 30, on Budapest’s Múzeum Boulevard. Forty-five years later, Hungarian historian Eszter Balázs and French journalist Phil Casoar decided to trace down the young couple seen in the picture. Who are they? Have they survived the revolution? If yes, is it possible to find them after all these years? The film follows their search for answers.

During years of investigation, we came across photos and facts primarily about the life of the young girl, and so, it is her story through which our documentary depicts the way the revolution influenced  and formed everyday people’s lives.

The picture, that captured a single moment, was to shape the entire life of this girl. The fact that it was published in the French paper was an important factor in that she had to leave the country after the revolution was violently put down. Abroad, thanks to the same photo, she became a familiar figure among the refugees. She tried to live up to the image drawn by the newspaper articles – the title of the Paris Match report was indeed Heroes of Budapest –, thus she remained all her life the hero of the revolution in the eyes of the people around her. In the film, friends, family, and eyewitnesses tell us about her life, and the photographer who took the picture, that set their lives into motion, also appears.


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2007

Special Mention

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