The Gravedigger (A sírásó)

(2010, feature, video, color, 85 minutes, Stereo)

Ever since I started making films it has bothered me in a certain sense that film images are far too concrete, because technically they try to imitate the sense of space characteristic of everyday life. So the story ignites the imagination only to be slowed down by the images and stops the viewer from taking a flight of fantasy. For example, a film would start off having me believe that I'll see a story about Elizabeth I of England and I would then remember how she was bald, and what clothes she wore, her love for Sir Walter Raleigh, her own feelings and her political conflict... Then the spirit of the film speaks again: stop yourself, don't use your imagination, I'll show you exactly what's what! I have always been searching for an intrinsically different tool in filmmaking. One that could record space in its temporal progression. I would never have thought it existed!
Sándor Kardos

Based on The Gravedigger by R.M. Rilke

Director of photography
Production manager
Production company


Wroclaw New Horizons IFF - 2011

Special Mention


Syracuse International Film Festival - 2011

Judges Citation

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