The Noise of Licking (A nyalintás nesze)

(2017, animation, digital, color, 9 minutes)

A woman is watched every day by the neighbor's cat, as she takes care of her exotic plants.
This perverted ritual comes to an end when the cat disappears.
Next spring a peculiar stranger pays her a visit.

Director's Note
"My film was inspired by a short story written by Ádám Bodor, in which I was initially captivated by the absurd situation of an unexpected visitor silently watching a woman in her own living room as she is going about her day. Introducing another layer of voyeurism and sexuality to the original work, my aim was to capture an atmosphere in which we have a glimpse of the characters’ various ways of coping with loneliness, desire, sometimes self-destructing fetishes, and where at times it is difficult to differentiate between reality and imagination."

2016 - Hungarian Film Critics Awards - Best Short Animation
2016 - Mediawave Festival (Komárom, Hungary) - Best Hungarian Animation


Cannes International Film Festival - Cinéfondation - 2016

Third Prize (ex-aequo)

Zagreb Animafest - 2016

Special Mention

Denver International Film Festival - 2016

Best Short Animation

Kiev MOLODIST International Film Festival - 2016

Special Mention

London International Animation Festival - 2016

Jury Special Mention

Dresden International Short Film Festival - 2017

Special Mention

Athens International Film and Video Festival - 2017

Jurors' Recognition

New Orleans Film Festival - 2017

Best Animation

Bilbao Animakom - 2017

Special Jury Prize

MEDIAWAVE International Film & Music Festival - 2017

Best Hungarian Animation

Swansea Wales International Film Festival - 2017

Best Animated Short

Peru International Animated Short Film Festival - AJAYU - 2017

Best International Animation

Bucheon International Animation Festival - 2016

Grand Prize for Graduation Films

California Film Awards - 2018

Orson Welles Award

National premiere:

World premiere: