The Seventh Circle (A hetedik kör)

(2009, feature, 35mm, color, 107 minutes, 1:1,85, DolbyDigital)

We have become accustomed to thinking, and like to believe that our children are innocent, yet evil is somewhere there in their souls too. Because of their existing at the mercy of others and their gullibility they are even at risk of becoming victims (e.g. sects and Satanism). This is a fact, which is of worldwide relevance.
The film is based on the motifs of two inconceivable and tragic events that recently took place in Hungary . The film primarily presents the atmosphere in which such things have actually happened and the situations in which they can happen, and delivers a kind of diagnosis of the confused psyche of the times in which we live. The story is about teenagers, their odd way of experiencing life and death at the stage when both sexual desires and a wish for death awaken simultaneously in children� souls.

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Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - 2010

Black Tulip for Best Feature Film

National premiere: