The Wednesday Child (Szerdai gyerek)

(2015, feature, digital, color, 94 minutes)
co-produced with:Germany
drama, coming-of-age
First feature

You were born on a Wednesday, and Wednesday’s children can make it anywhere they really want to - these were the last lines Maja had got from her mother before she abandoned her as a child.

Maja is now 19. She tries to fulfll this premise and achive her greatest goal: getting custody of her own 4-year-old son - despite her self-destructive tendencies. Her struggles lead her to an unexpected opportunity and, suddenly, into an erratic love triangle.

Director of photography


Calcutta International Film Festival - 2015

Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award

Trieste Film Festival - 2016

Trieste Award - Best Feature Film

Mons International Love Film Festival - 2016

Young European Filmmakers Jury Grand Prix

Rouen A l'Est, du nouveau - 2016

Special Mention Vecsei Kinga

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - East of the West - 2015

East of the West Award

FEDEORA Jury Award

Cottbus FilmFestival - 2015

Best Director Prize Lili Horvát

National premiere: