There was Once... (Egyszer volt...)

(2011, documentary, digital, color, 103 minutes)
co-produced with:United States

The remarkable story of a Hungarian school teacher who was unaware of the lost Jewish history in her hometown Kalocsa.
She reconnects a community of survivors and descendants around the globe who once lived in Kalocsa. She decides to write a book and also organize a memorial ceremony. Through this book project and the planning of the ceremony, we are granted access into these Jews' testimonies, and the systematic collusion of townsfolk in ghettoizing and handing over Jews for their murder. There are also remarkable stories of resistance, aid, and survival, as well as the recollections and regrets of non-Jewish townsfolk. In the process she reengages her town in its past and opens the eyes of a new generation of young people to history. At the ceremony seven surviving Jews and their families from around the world reunite with their town.

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