Thorn Castle (Tüskevár)

(2012, feature, digital, color, 99 minutes)

This modern adaptation of the classic Hungarian youth novel by István Fekete is an amazing and timeless adventure story. It’s a coming-of-age tale about two boys who spend their summer vacation down at the lake. Skipper is rewarded with the countryside vacation by his parents because of his good school grades. He is a typical urban teenager and completely clueless about nature. The old ranger, Uncle Matula, who is wise and humorous, begins to teach Skipper all he needs to know about getting along in the country, just in time for his best friend Bunion to arrive. The friends discover the wilderness and become young adults by the end of the summer.
This film is for everyone who ever longed to escape to the wonders of nature. Filled with the beauty of the Hungarian countryside, you can almost smell the food.

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