Time Stands Still (Megáll az idő)

(1981, feature, 35mm, color, 103 minutes)
First feature

1963. The mother raises her two children alone, their father left the country in 1956. Dini attends the grammar school, Gábor prepares himself for the university of medicine. Dini is in love with Magda Szukics and admires Pierre, who knows and dares everything. Dini is getting to see the world dirty and dishonest. Bodor, the partner of his mother teaches him never to be honest. Due to a scandal Pierre is expelled from school. Dini, Magda and Pierre start off to the West in a stolen car. Having spent some loving time together, Dini returns from Balaton with Magda, Pierre disappears from their sight. After a few years Dini still does not know what to do with himself, while everyone else assimilated around him.
(Source: Hungarian Film Institute)

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