Tranquility (Nyugalom)

(2008, feature, 35mm, color, 115 minutes, 1:1,85, DTS)
First feature

A story of an author struggling desperately to live his own life and to fall in love in the shadow of his manic-depressive ex-actress mother in the era of slowly declining communism. In their helpless interdependence, love and hate chains them to each other. This emotional stalemate is the primary meaning of the word tranquility. Our heroes are locked within the cages of their own madness, pacing within and hoping for liberation assisted by someone else. The question is whether they are going to be able to act sensibly and find a resolution.

Based on Attila Bartis' Tranquility (A nyugalom)

Director of photography
Visual design
Art director
Production manager
Production company


Lecce European Cinema Festival - 2009

Best Cinematography Tamás Babos

National premiere: