Volcano Island (Vulkánsziget)

(2017, animation, color, 9 minutes)

On an island tinged in shades of purple, pink, turquoise, bright yellow and deepest black, a volcano is simmering away ferociously. It spits out rose-coloured clouds that dye a yellow tigress a magical deep red hue. From that point on, she’s pursued by a love-drunk white tiger. Mysterious natural laws set explosive forces in motion. The eruption of the volcano, which coats the vibrant island with its lava, has the effect of a cleansing storm.


Berlin International Film Festival - 2017


Zagreb Animafest - 2017

(in competition)

Friss Hús Budapest International Shortfilm Festival - 2017

(in competition)

Espinho FEST - 2017

(in competition)

Kiev International Short Film Festival - 2017

(in competition)

Sarajevo Film Festival - 2017

(in competition)

Luxembourg CinÉast - 2017

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival - 2017

(in competition)

Angers Premiers Plans - 2018

(in competition)

Regensburg Short Film Week  - 2018

Stuttgart Trickfilm - 2018

National premiere:

World premiere: