Wake Up Mate, Don't You Sleep (Kelj fel, komám, ne aludjál)

(2002, feature, 35mm, color, 85 minutes, 1:1,66, DolbySR)

We’re standing on the Plain; our trousers are flapping in the wind, …Kapa and Pepe…
Pepe, would you ever have guessed that you would be a prisoner of war in your own country?…
 Some pick out the soul from the body. But who is in there?
A member of the German SS drawn from the ”Volk”, a Hungarian foot soldier, a Jew with a yellow star, a Russian with a street-organ, and a NATO soldier are riding a bike across the Chain Bridge.
Wake up mate, don’t you sleep, you have lost the bell and sheep, Jancsó in a greatcoat, Hernádi in a hat at court and on a hospital bed, the T-34 Russian tank brings Russian oranges and the fallen angels mustn’t be fed! To the dance and music of András Lovasi, Kispál és a Borz, Burzsoá Nyugdíjasok, and Bëlga.
After the Trilogy, Jancsó and Grunwalsky add fuel to the fire.


Taormina Film Festival - 2003

Taormina Arte Award for Cinematic Excellence to Miklós Jancsó

National premiere: