War of Wits (Dumapárbaj)

(2015, feature, digital, color, 88 minutes)

TAMÁS KALMÁR is an established comedy star in his late forties with an exaggerated idea of his own importance. Recognised as the uncrowned king of stand-up comedy, he is in constant demand to perform on stage and has his very own primetime show on national TV.

But the day eventually comes when he senses that his popularity is waning, and the public are beginning to prefer a newcomer to the scene by the name of TÓBIÁS NAGY.
Rather than analysing his own talent, Tamás prefers to blame the shifting spotlight on Tóbiás, and goes all out to get the upper hand over his young rival. We get to watch, and laugh, as his ill-conceived plans fail catastrophically and send him spiralling into a complex set of circumstances that he looks unlikely to ever escape.
His relationship with his wife, and with his oldest friend who, at the same time is his and his archrival’s manager, VIGÉC, goes from bad to worse. His panic to retain fame and fortune see him accept one ridiculous gig after another, as he pushes his loved ones further and further away.

Left with no better idea, he challenges Tóbiás to a comedy duel to end their dilemma, but the grand media happening is called off at the very last minute, when Vigéc takes unexpectedly ill. It is not until the comedy rivals find themselves sitting on either side of her deathbed that they realise their rivalry is not real, and they simply speak to and from separate generations. Friends again, the two comedic cannons are brought back together by Vigéc from the world beyond.

National premiere: