Wellness (Wellness)

(2017, short, color, 16 minutes)
short film, drama

Wellness tells the story of the relationship of two pensioner ladies, Teri and Ilona. They have been friends since decades and they’re spending their vacation together in a wellness hotel paid by Ilona’s son. Despite the seemingly ideal situation, they cannot really enjoy themselves: the air conditioning in their room goes wrong and later one of Ilona’s former colleague turns up as well.

The film follows a day of their stay, when the ladies try to get the most out of the vacation. With their constant activity they try to suppress their own anxiety and during the day some unspoken secrets come to light as well. By the end of the day their friendship, based on habits and mutual concealment, reaches to a point that makes both of them reconsider what they know about each other and themselves.


Festival contact: Zsófi Herczeg, zsofi@daazo.com

Director of photography
Visual design
Production manager




Sarajevo Film Festival - 2017

(in competition)

National premiere:

World premiere: