Who's the Cat? (Ki a macska?)

(2003, short, 35mm, color, 8 minutes, 1:1,85)

The film tells the story of the brutal games four boys play with a cat in an abandoned factory hall. Perhaps, by the end of the film we will be able to decide which one of them is the cat.
The story is set in Budapest, the city ruined by bombs during World War II, but it could take place in any other city in or outside Europe during any other war in the 20th century. I do not know what experiences those children had, what they actually had to go through. I was only interested to find out whether their hidden pain was still there in our memories...

Péter Mészáros, director

Production manager
Director of photography
Visual design
Production company


Zabok Tabor  Film Festival - 2004

Special Mention

Bilbao ZINEBI - 2004

Silver Mikeldi

National premiere: