Young, Dumb and Full of Love! (Tibor vagyok, de hódítani akarok!)

(2005, feature, 35mm, color, 80 minutes)

This film is about sex, love and youth. What happens when a high school student meets the woman of his dreams? The woman is a bit older, a bit married, and a bit unfaithful, but so what? Nobody’s perfect. What counts is that she is there, she can be seen, touched, and sometimes she even seems willing… so he must have her, at all costs. It is not that easy though. Great plans and even greater failures come, one after the other. In the meantime a jealous husband, an annoying lover, a patronising warden, a shy guy working at a rent-a-water paddle bike appear, and a girl that would be worth much more attention than the ”dream-woman”.
The film is also looking for answers to the following questions: What is more important, sex or love? How far we should go to fulfil our dreams? How should you use a fluorescent condom?

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