56 Drops of Blood
(56 csepp vér)

feature, 35mm, 90 minutes

First feature


There are stories which can and must be told in every era. There are allegories which are important to us because they test our moral strength in every age and historical situation. The musical film
"56 Drops of Blood" is the story of Romeo and Juliet - in this case Robi and Juli - which starts in Hungary on October 23, 1956. Exiled to the periphery of the country, the characters of the film are young people for whom revolution is love, and love is revolution.

The story is set in a small community near the border, and provides a true cross-section of the terror in the 1950s. Regular clashes break out between the local state security forces and the young deportees. Following his belief, Friar Laurence, the young parish priest, does his best to end these conflicts, but he is unable to do so. His faith cannot stop the terror and the fear.
On October 23, 1956, the security forces organise a costume ball for the birthday of the daughter of the locally stationed Russian commander. The youths intend to cause trouble again, but their plan falls through as the ball comes to an abrupt end when news arrives of the outbreak of the revolution in the capital, Budapest. By this time Juli, daughter of the local security commander, and Robi, son of a deported actor from Budapest, have fallen in love with each other at the ball. Can the love of
these two young people on opposing sides be fulfilled amidst a revolution? Fate - the revolution - intervenes, and they both become innocent victims of the events. And in spite of all his efforts, Friar Laurence is unable to stop the bloodshed…
Laurence can't get over the trauma after the Russians quash the revolution. He blames his own inability to help for what has happened. Then, in a dream, he meets his own conscience, who finally makes him tell the entire story and confront his responsibility.

Audience Award of the 7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles


Attila Bokor Director
András Réz, Attila Bokor Screenplay
András Szalai, András Pintér Director of photography
Tibor Szatori Editor
Tamás Mihály Music
Béla Jankai, István Kiss Sound
Katalin Juhász Visual design
György Csík Costumes
Endre Nagy Dr. Producer
Grant Film Production company
Attila Kaszás, Tamás Palcsó, Mónika Veress, Zoltán Miller, Róbert Alföldi, Lajos Miller, Zoltán Seress Cast


Chicago EU Film Festival - 2008
Palic International Film Festival - 2007
Thiruvananthapuram International Film Festival - 2010

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