A Dog's Life
(A Dog's Life)

animation, 35mm, 11 minutes


Phil is a real cool businessman who uses the whole world for his own aims and doesn’t care about anyone and anything. One day he is in a wrong place in a wrong time. Cause the dog playing with the hairdryer unfortunately throws it into the yakuzi where Phil sits in. From that time Phil’s life turns upside down as when he “wakes up” he is a dog and he tries to catch a ball with his mouth. He has no reason where he is and what happens with him. He only realizes that dogs play tennis, fly, drive cars – and hunt him as a dog without a master. He rescues, he is tired and getting to lose his hope. And sure the dog catcher catches him and he gets very bad news in the shelter – first of all from an old drug dog. And when he thinks he cannot be lower than a message comes: a master is coming. He chooses Phil who realizes: the master is his earlier dog. Surely in a nice dress, driving Phil’s car and living in his house. Phil understands nothing but he hopes. The master takes him home, Phil realizes a new hairdryer. His chance has come! He may turn back everything into the right way… But before he did it the master shuts the door in front of him. Phil temporary stays as a dog waiting for his luck…


Ferenc Rofusz Director
Tamás Fehér Screenplay
Lajos Polecsák Editor
Tamás Fehér, Ferenc Rofusz Producer
László Fazekas Director of photography
Attila Pacsay Sound
Ferenc Rofusz Art director
Animation.hu Production company
Attila Pacsay Music


Stuttgart Trickfilm - 2006 (in competition)
Riga BIMINI - 2006 (in competition)
Rio de Janeiro, Săo Paulo ANIMA MUNDI - 2005 (in competition)
Ljubljana ANIMATEKA - 2005 (in competition)
Taipei TIAF - 2007
Vilnius TINDIRINDIS - 2005 (in competition)
Drama International Short Film Festival - 2005 (in competition)
Huesca Film Festival - 2006
Istanbul International Short Film Days - 2007
Changzhou CICDAF - 2005 (in competition)
Santiago Chilean International Short Film Festival - 2005 (in competition)

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