A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma De Körös
(Az élet vendége - Csoma-legendárium)

feature, 35mm, 80 minutes, 1:1.33

First feature


"A human being does not have any roots.
He or she must make a pilgrimage through the human condition.
That means Ladies and Gentleman,
that we are all guests of life."
George Steiner

The poor scholar Alexander Csoma de Körös was one of the 19th century's great, original pioneers. To the scholars of his century Csoma was an obscure, Transylvanian figure, abandoned among the Himalayan hills' however, from the summits a giant cast its shadow on Central Asia. (W.W. Hunter)

The Film
A Guest of Life expresses Csoma's sensory impressions through gentle sonorities and appealing images - popular legends about Csoma being humorously illustrated, for example, via colour animation sequences. The footage in the Himalayan monasteries and India was shot on Super-8. The colours are very pale, hardly perceptible, whilst the spoken sections, like the film's soundtrack, are more redolent of musical expression, thus creating a highly seductive and contemplative atmosphere.

The director
Born in Budapest in 1955, Tibor Szemző graduated from the Hungarian Music Academy. In the late 70s he made his name as a musician and composer. In recent years his interest has turned increasingly to film as well. A Guest of Life is the first whole length film.


Tibor Szemző Director
László Sári Screenplay
István "Taikyo" Szaladják Director of photography
Teri Losonci Editor
Joseph Haydn, Muhammad Rafi, Tibor Szemző Music
Tamás Zányi Sound
György Durst, Attila Bognár Producer
MEDIAWAVE 2000 Production company
Bálint Kolozsvári, Károly Kása Papp, Gábor Roskó Animation
Mari Törőcsik, Susannah York Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Tibor Szemző - Director's Prize for Visual Expression
Locarno International Film Festival - 2006 Special Mention Critics' Week
Bali Balinale - 2008 Saraswati Award (Main Prize)
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2006 Tamás Zányi - Best Sound


Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2006
Trento Mountain  Film Festival - 2007 (in competition)
Mill Valley Film Festival - 2007
Seville Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala International Film Festival - 2006
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - 2008
Calcutta International Film Festival - 2006
Wroclaw New Horizons IFF - 2008
Perugia International Film Festival - 2007
Mumbai International Film Festival - 2007
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival - 2006 (in competition)
New York Tribeca Film Festival - 2007
Pune International Film Festival - 2007
Arcueil Les Écrans Documentaires - 2006

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