A Kind of America 2
(Valami Amerika 2.)

feature, SD, color, 110 minutes, 1:1.85



The three brothers - Tamás, Ákos and András - are stumped. Tamás's dream film project, "City of Sin", is a failure, and their lottery win is a thing of the past, so the guys must do something together if they want to get back into the game. They accidentally stumble upon a clue that leads them to Alex and they come up with a plan how to squeeze the sixty million forints out of him that he had tricked out of them. However, Alex is not easy to dupe and he cunningly manages to persuade the guys to stage a play to make up for the money they lost on the film. They have to prove themselves in the world of the theatre and they face plenty of problems in their love lives too.
Besides the characters, who are well known from the first part, a nervous mafioso and his daughter who is now off the leash, as well as two bouncers with an artistic spirit and a female choreographer overheated with eroticism also appear, only to make the complicated lives of the three brothers even harder.

Most Successful Hungarian Film in 2009 - Prize of the National Association of Cinema Exhibitors


Gábor Herendi Director
Réka Divinyi, Gábor Herendi, Gábor Harmat Screenplay
Balázs Márton Director of photography
Tamás Kollányi, István Király Editor
Géza Pálvölgyi, Róbert Hrutka, László Szakács, Márk Süveg, Tankcsapda, Wunderbar Music
Csaba Major Sound
Viktória Horváth, Zsolt Nánássy Visual design
Andrea Flesch Costumes
Agnes Havas, Gábor Herendi Producer
Skyfilm Studio Production company
Győző Szabó, Csaba Pindroch, Ferenc Hujber, Tibor Szervét, Szonja Oroszlán, Eszter Ónodi, Kátya Tompos, Imre Csuja, Lucia Brawley, András Faragó, Szabolcs Thuróczy Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2009 Best Genre Film
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2009 Csaba Major - Best Sound


Cottbus FilmFestival - 2009
Goa International Film Festival of India - 2009
Cluj-Napoca Comedy Cluj - 2010

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