A Kind of America
(Valami Amerika)

feature, SD, 115 minutes, 1:1.85



Three brothers, one common cause. Each and everyone of them chipping whatever they can. Talent, power, heart... One of the brothres is a film director mostly doing commercials, yearns for the 'real' feature film. The second brother is successful, the third, youngest, is not. Then comes a producer from Hollywood, looking just like the 'real' thing, and everything is turned upside down, even the maid...

The most successful Hungarian film in cinema in 2002


Gábor Herendi Director
Gyula Márton, Gábor Herendi Screenplay
Jordi Rexach Director of photography
István Király Editor
Géza Pálvölgyi Music
Róbert Juhász Sound
Viktória Horváth, Zsolt Nánássy Visual design
Ibolya Bárdosi Costumes
Attila Moharos Assistant director
Lídia Kecskeméthy Production manager
Gábor Herendi Producer
Skyfilm Studio Production company
Szonja Oroszlán, Eszter Ónodi, Csaba Pindroch, Tibor Szervét, Győző Szabó, Ferenc Hujber Cast


Cluj-Napoca Comedy Cluj - 2009 Audience Award


Palic International Film Festival - 2003
Targu-Mures AlterNative - 2002
Cottbus FilmFestival - 2002
Prague FEBIOFEST - 2003
Lagów International Film Festival - 2002

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