I Won't Die
(Nem haltam meg)

documentary, 80 minutes


Gabor is a successful, life-loving gallery owner, part of the artist high society of Budapest. He is always busy, surrounded by many people, constantly marching towards higher and higher goals. One day his seemingly perfect life is shaken by a hurtful breakup and the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the most fatal illness of our times. All his life Gabor trained himself to be strong, self efficient and successful, but many things were sacrificed on the way. He feels that something fundamental is missing, so he is constantly looking for something to fill this void: own gallery, love, cancer, even a documentary about him. At the age of 50 Gabor has to face the fact that the personality he carefully built became steady as an armour and it is difficult to find a crack to go under its surface. He is an extremely strong person, which helped him through many struggles in life. But strength also means isolation, which can be the barrier between him and his true feelings and needs. The film follows Gabor through the intense months of chemotherapy, the life saving surgery and the next three years, rebuilding his life. Through an intimate portrayal, I Won’t Die explores success, strength and the existential struggles of the modern world.


Asia Dér Director
Krisztina Meggyes Producer

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