About Betrayal
(Az árulásról)

documentary, video, 82 minutes


Ninety percent of the Saxons have left their motherland since World War II. Today there are only fifteen thousand of them left, with an average age of sixty. Can the self-imposed disintegration of a people be interpreted as betrayal?
Two intellectuals from among the Saxon people, the writer Hans Bergel and the pastor Eginald Schlattner, try to provide an answer to this question. Those that had been to prison and work camps and remained in the motherland share their ideas about leaving, identity, fears and imprisonment.2005 - 36th Hungarian Film Week: Best Documentary

2005 - Association of Hungarian Documentary Directors: Camera Prize

2006 - Hungarian Film Critics' Prize: Best Documentary of 2005


Gábor Balog Director of photography
Farkas Zoltán Hajdú Screenplay
Farkas Zoltán Hajdú, Gábor Balog Director
Dunatáj Alapítvány Production company
Vince Kapcsos Sound
Sándor Buglya Producer
Lilian Uchlaczky Editor


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005 Best Documentary

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