Another Planet
(Another Planet/Másik bolygó)

documentary, 35mm, 95 minutes

co-produced with: Finland Belgium Portugal Slovenia Estonia


"Words lose their meaning. And the green sea and the blue sky lose their colour, painted as they were by the algae that kindly wafted oxygen during 3,000 million years. Are these little night-lights spying on us? The stars shake with astonishment and fear. They are at a loss to understand how this world of ours, so ardently bent upon its own annihilation, goes on being alive."
Eduardo Galeano

This creative docu-fiction film, shot on four continents, presents the hidden face of our planet and the general and moral crisis of our world.
We can follow the various, irrational stages of defencelessness as the characters in all seven stories, all minors, accept their fate without rebellion, almost with resignation.
The appalling everyday life of child labourers, child prostitutes, and child soldiers is revealed to us in Congo, Cambodia, and Ecuador.
Dramatic juxtaposition is created by Máthé Tibor’s powerful imagery and Tibor Szemző’s magical music.

Broadcast partners: Hungarian Television – YLE TV (Finland) coproduction with the participation of RTBF (Belgium), RTP (Portugal), RTVSLO (Slovenia), ETV (Estonia)


Ferenc Moldoványi Director
Ferenc Moldoványi Screenplay
Tibor Máthé Director of photography
Anna Kornis Editor
Tibor Szemző Music
Rudolf Várhegyi Sound
Ferenc Moldoványi Producer
Engram Film Production company


Monte-Carlo URTI - 2009 Bronze Medal
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - 2009 ERT3 Award
Innsbruck International Film Festival - 2009 Südwind Award
Kazan Golden Minbar - 2009 Best Non-Fiction Feature's Golden Minbar
Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2008 Best Cinematography: Tibor Máthé
Minsk Listapad - 2009 Special Mention
Khanty-Mansiysk The Golden Drum - 2009 Special Award
Buenos Aires Human Rights IFF - 2009 Honour Mention
Columbus International Film and Video Festival - 2009 Silver Chris Award
Denver International Film Festival - 2008 Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary
Roma Independent Film Festival - 2009 Best Documentary
Almaty Shaken's Stars - 2009 Best Documentary
Mannheim International Film Festival - 2008 Special Prize
Kiev Documentary Days - 2010 Special Prize from the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human Rights


Săo Paulo International Film Festival - 2008
Houston Worldfest - 2011 (in competition)
Oslo Eurodok - 2009
Sighisoara Film Festival - 2010
Lagów International Film Festival - 2010 (in competition)
Mexico City DOCSDF - 2009 (in competition)
Plovdiv GOLDEN CHEST - 2009 (in competition)
Setúbal FESTROIA  International Film Festival - 2009
Oulu International Children - 2008 (in competition)
Huesca Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
Valladolid International Film Festival - 2008 (in competition)
Montevideo International Film Festival of Uruguay - 2009
Bydgoszcz Camerimage - 2009 (in competition)
Bitola International Film Camera Festival Manaki Brothers - 2009
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala International Film Festival - 2008
Copenhagen CPH:DOX - 2008 (in competition)
Amsterdam IDFA - 2008
Busan International Film Festival - 2008
Guadalajara International Film Festival - 2009
Montreal The World Film Festival - 2008
Ankara International Film Festival - 2009
Leuven DOCVILLE - 2009 (in competition)
Leeds International Film Festival - 2009
Reykjavik International Film Festival - 2009
Seoul Human Rigths Film Festival - 2009
Ourense International Independent Film Festival - 2009 (in competition)
Washington SilverDocs - 2009
Auckland Documentary Edge - 2009
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival - 2009
Mexico City FICCO - 2009

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