Argo 2
(Argo 2.)

2015, feature, HD, 91 minutes

action comedy

PREMIER (HUNGARY): 2015. 4. 30.

Hungarian small time crook, Tibi Balog gets out of prison after 10 years, but he hasn’t change a bit. When a Japanese crime syndicate hires him to acquire a Hungarian invention – the world’s first floppy disc – Tibi puts his band of retarded thugs back together and the action starts. As expected, Tibi completely screws up the job and becomes the target of Japanese Assassins, a very angry gypsy family and the entire Slovakian Army.


Attila Árpa Director
Attila Árpa, József Árpa Producer
Péter Scherer, István Bicskei, Lajos Kovács Cast

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