feature, 35mm, 103 minutes

First feature


Armed with the most up-to-date technology and dressed in a black Versace suit the "executive" known in his profession as the Milkman, arrives in Hungary. His task is to carry out a new and special commission to find a secret and ancient treasure. However, this "routine job" soon turns into the most difficult mission of his life. He had not reckoned on some rather disturbing factors: Tibor Balogh and a group of ex-security guards - who in also setting their sights on the treasure utterly thwart his plans - nor on a group of loser students who accidentally get involved in the treasure hunt, thinking that they too are entitled to a little success. The chase begins from Budapest, crossing the shores of the Balaton leading right to the heart of the Great Plain, where suddenly everybody finds themselves face to face with everybody else.


Attila Árpa Director
Péter Huszár, Bence Trunkó Screenplay
Christoph Vitt Director of photography
Zoltán Váradi Editor
Tankcsapda, Ferenc Tornóczky, Attila Barán, Csaba Nemes, Bálint Bársony, Richárd Riedenauer Music
Balázs Etter, János Kőporosy Sound
Attila Ráczkevy-Eötvös Visual design
Gabriella Parádi Costumes
Attila Árpa, József Árpa, Dénes Szekeres, Péter Bruno György Producer
Legend Films, Tivoli-Filmproduction Production company
Kristóf Steiner, Nikolett Gallusz, Gyafi, Zoltán Mucsi, Ádám Balogh, Péter Scherer, Lajos Csuha, Lukács Bitskey, Imre Csuja, László Görög, Feró Nagy, György Honti, Laura Ruttkay, Lajos Kovács, Zoltán Kókai, József Kiss, Sándor Oszter Cast


Budapest Hungarian Film Week - 2005 People's Choice via Internet

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